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  • Jayson on the Border Crisis: “Let me tell you what REAL compassion is”

    To the liberals in this country, the only way to be “compassionate” to the illegals trying to enter the country is to grant blanket amnesty. To Glenn Beck, compassion means going down to the border and handing out teddy bears and soccer balls. But me? I have a different idea of “compassion.”

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  • Common Core: Death of Education

    My school last year introduced the Common Core system into all of the schools; elementary, middle, and high school. Along with introducing the Common Core system this year, the allowed all students to use the Ten Marks summer math program for free. I have been using the program for about a month now, and I now truly believe that Common Core is the death of education.

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  • VA: Priorities out of Line
    VA Logo

    Right Wing News put out a story about Joe Geoghagen, who retired from the Navy in 2008, after serving for four and a half years. While serving, Joe felt anxious, depressed, and aggressive, and developed PTSD. Joe asked the VA for an appointment, and got it. After a ten minute meeting with a doctor, he was told he was fine.

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  • What’s the Problem?
    Mexican Military Chopter

    On Thursday morning, 6/26/14, a Mexican military helicopter flew over the U.S./Mexico border, and fired upon U.S. border patrol agents. Accident or not, Mexico has some sort of problem with the U.S.

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  • Republicans Reassemble: America’s Superheroes
    Republicans Reassemble

    Marvel’s “Avengers Assemble” TV series is a popular superhero show about the avengers protecting their cities from evil. Well guess what, Republicans are the real life Avengers. Since the Revolutionary War’s ending in 1783, the Republicans have been the unpopular superheroes of America.

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